Mercer County
District: 4
County Engineer: James "Rick" Walker
Appointment Date: 4/11/2016
Address: 1630 West Route 17, P.O. Box 167
Aledo, IL 61231
Telephone: (309) 582-2715
Fax: (309) 582-2725

County Background:
Established on January 13, 1825, Mercer County is named after Hugh Mercer, a General of the Revolution, killed at the battle of Princeton.

County Population: 16434
Land Area (Sq. Miles): 562
Assessed Valuation: 179024424
State Highway Mileage: 81
County Highway Mileage: 150
Township Highway Mileage: 743
Municipal Highway Mileage: 93
County Seat: Aledo
State House District(s): 74
State Senate District(s): 37
U.S. Congressional Distict(s): 17

Past Engineers
J.E. Russell12/13/19133/3/1920
Henry Noble3/4/192010/4/1923
F.O. Enstrom10/5/19233/2/1932
G.A. Litzenberger3/3/193210/1/1933
Joseph Burns10/2/193312/4/1966
Eugene Fields6/1/19676/1/1973
Martin James Herman1/7/19865/25/1993
Star L. Rheynard8/2/19948/1/2006
Dewayne Fender8/1/200610/2/2009
Lowell Fehrenbacher1/1/20107/1/2010
Jimmy L. Samaniego1/25/20111/1/2014