Mason County
District: 6
County Engineer: Michael R. Pedigo
Appointment Date: 10/1/2003
Address: 1164 E. Laurel Ave.
Havana, IL 62644
Telephone: (309) 543-3253
Fax: (309) 543-2034

County Background:
Mason County was established in 1841 and is known as "The Imperial Valley of the Midwest." It is bordered by the Sangamon and Illinois Rivers, and is well situated for industry as well as agriculture. With the advent of irrigation, our farmers have diversified into many specialty crops such as popcorn, cucumbers, melons and tomatoes.

County Population: 14666
Land Area (Sq. Miles): 557
Assessed Valuation: 158801671
State Highway Mileage: 93
County Highway Mileage: 145
Township Highway Mileage: 648
Municipal Highway Mileage: 84
County Seat: Havana
State House District(s): 93
State Senate District(s): 47
U.S. Congressional Distict(s): 18

Past Engineers
Harvey Schoonover12/2/191312/1/1919
Harlan G. Kreiling6/12/19196/1/1939
C.R. Melton6/12/19396/11/1957
Harlan G. Kreiling6/12/19578/5/1957
C.R. Melton12/16/19576/8/1958
E.O. Loe6/9/19584/1/1965
Harlan G. Kreiling4/9/19656/1/1986
Robert Pedigo6/17/198610/1/2003