Sangamon County
District: 6
County Engineer: Brian Davis
Appointment Date: 4/10/2017
Address: 3003 Terminal Ave.
Springfield, IL 62707
Telephone: (217) 535-3070
Fax: (217) 753-7999

County Background:
Sangamon County, located in the heart of Illinois, was founded in 1821 and originally was about 4,000 square miles. A commission of three first governed the area and their first act was to select the county seat. A stake driven in a field near Spring Creek was christened as Springfield. Springfield is the home of Abraham Lincoln.

County Population: 199056
Land Area (Sq. Miles): 880
Assessed Valuation: 3935419504
State Highway Mileage: 337.46
County Highway Mileage: 253.06
Township Highway Mileage: 1077.25
Municipal Highway Mileage: 740.35
County Seat: Springfield
State House District(s): 87, 96, 99, 100
State Senate District(s): 44, 48, 50
U.S. Congressional Distict(s): 13, 18

Past Engineers
Edwin H. White12/9/19133/9/1920
Truman Flatt3/10/19209/12/1932
Jesse L. Todson9/13/19329/12/1938
Ray V. Tilley12/13/19383/31/1949
Lewis A. Lush4/1/19496/30/1964
Michael J Besso7/1/196412/31/1975
John McCree3/15/19766/30/1986
Robert E. Craven2/16/198711/30/1992
Phil Koeberlein12/1/199212/31/2004
Tim Zahrn1/1/200512/31/2016