Calhoun County
District: 8
County Engineer: Kyle Godar
Appointment Date: 12/14/2015
Address: 19465 Illinois River Rd.
Hardin, IL 62047
Telephone: (618) 576-2600
Fax: (618) 576-9214

County Background:
Established on January 10, 1825, Calhoun County is named for John C. Calhoun, a lawyer and statesman, Representative in Congress and United States Senator from South Carolina, Secretary of War under Monroe, Vice President of the United States, and Secretary of State under Tyler.

County Population: 4899
Land Area (Sq. Miles): 281
Assessed Valuation: 67681055
State Highway Mileage: 34
County Highway Mileage: 37
Township Highway Mileage: 260
Municipal Highway Mileage: 22
County Seat: Hardin
State House District(s): 100
State Senate District(s): 50
U.S. Congressional Distict(s): 13

Past Engineers
John A. Earley12/17/19131/1/1926
William F. Fiedler12/20/19271/4/1948
Clarence E. Skeel1/5/194810/9/1972
Gilbert P. Meyer10/10/197212/31/1979
Robert H. Long5/12/19801/31/1983
Paul Wesley Rust5/1/198310/1/1984
Tommy L. Taylor10/1/19843/31/1986
Gilbert P. Meyer9/15/19867/31/1992
Barry Webster5/17/19937/1/2015