Wabash County
District: 7
County Engineer: Dustin Bunting
Appointment Date: 10/3/2005
Address: 11324 N. 1550 Blvd
Mt. Carmel, IL 62863
Telephone: (618) 262-4466
Fax: (618) 262-7191

County Background:
Established on December 27, 1824, Wabash County bears an Indian name, originally given to the Wabash River, and later transferred to the County.

County Population: 11947
Land Area (Sq. Miles): 225
Assessed Valuation: 97483637
State Highway Mileage: 45
County Highway Mileage: 78
Township Highway Mileage: 285
Municipal Highway Mileage: 56
County Seat: Mt. Carmel
State House District(s): 109
State Senate District(s): 55
U.S. Congressional Distict(s): 15-19

Past Engineers
Charles Buchanan5/5/19148/13/1918
John C. Sparks12/20/191810/27/1923
D.A. McClung5/15/19247/3/1926
L.H. Murray8/4/192711/19/1933
H.T. Cunningham11/20/19335/4/1937
Fred Sparks12/22/19375/17/1942
Robert Lathrop5/18/194211/23/1980
Gordon Kirkman4/1/19815/15/2005